Unlikely Heroes: The Most Amazing Race Horses of All Times

Unlikely Heroes: The Most Amazing Race Horses of All Times

There are many ways in which the performance of a racehorse can be evaluated. Most of the times the lists are compiled of the horses with the biggest number of wins, the largest purses won, or the highest speed achieved on the track. For such a list, you can visit the Royal Vegas Casino blog, where you’ll get to read about the best racehorses of all time (by record and purse). The Royal Vegas Blog has much more for you, though – it lists the promotions and specials offered by the Royal Vegas, its new games, and tons of other interesting facts. The Royal Vegas is not only a great gaming destination but also a good read for when you simply don’t feel like playing. Who knows, you might go through a few of its articles, and maybe get in the mood to spin the reels.

On today’s top list we won’t be ranking horses by their speed, their record, or their purse. Instead, we introduce you to some of the most interesting racehorses ever to run on the track.

Secretariat – a successful mutation?

Secretariat is considered the fastest horse ever to run on a racetrack. He usually won by several lengths, and his speed and stamina put his competitors to shame. After a successful career, Secretariat continued as a successful stud, officially siring over 600 horses, out of which more than half grew up to be winners.

After his death in 1989, Secretariat was necropsied – and his heart was found to be significantly larger than that of an ordinary horse, estimated to be weighing about 22 pounds (10kg), which is 2.5 times the ordinary. The unusually large heart is a trait that sometimes appears at thoroughbreds, called the “x-factor” by insiders. It was first described at Eclipse, a legendary racehorse that died in 1789. As it turns out, Secretariat was born of Eclipse’s bloodline.

Kincsem – the most successful thoroughbred ever

Kincsem, foaled in KisbĂ©r, Hungary, might not show up in any lists of the best horses, but she should: she was the most successful thoroughbred ever to run the track. According to an unconfirmed story, Kincsem was the only lanky and ungainly horse of a group of 50 as a youngster, but she was the one stolen by a band of gypsies – seemingly as she had the potential to become a champion. Which she did, becoming a cultural icon of the times.

Kincsem began her racing career in 1876, as a two-year-old, and was a big sensation. She was entered in 10 different races in 10 different locations across Hungary, Germany, and Austria – and she won them all. Her impeccable record turned her into a favorite – it is said that even Kaiser Franz Josef was her fan, asian handicap. During her five years on the track, Kincsem ran 54 times, and she won all her races. She retired at the age of seven and died after the birth of her last progeny at the age of 13.